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Set-up the best laboratory for all your needs, at the cutting edge of safety, technology, aesthetics, and Italian design!


Design Manufacture and Installation

Momoline is an established Italian brand designing and manufacturing laboratory furniture, fume cupboards and providing ancillary services at the cutting edge of design, technology and safety.

We pride ourselves in offering a 360-degree service, walking our customers hand in hand from the very first consultation, all the way through to final installation.

Unlike industry standards, with our in-house designers, engineers, and our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, we offer our customers the opportunity to customise all our products and services to fulfil any needs possible.

With more than 10.000 laboratories created in all continents, Momoline continues breaking industry barriers with quality, care and innovation.

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Ancillary Services

We engineer, design, and install all services surrounding a laboratory facility, from gas distribution systems to exhaust air ducting.

Lab Planning And Consultation

Design your lab from scratch, utilising the spaces creatively, cost efficiently, and transforming it to the top of its potential.


All our products are 100% designed and made in Italy, as appearance and style do matter.


Offering a full round service, our skilled in-house technicians  care for the installations of all our products to ensure the maximum safety, efficiency, and quality.



Quality – above all
Momoline takes pride in designing and manufacturing all its products in-house, ensuring only the finest of quality.

Having a stellar team of designers and engineers, Momoline sets itself apart by putting quality before quantity, at every step of the way.

Customer care – cause we care
Being originally founded as a family business, the company’s values have not changed since 1978, giving all of our clients the care and attention of a small business.

We treat each of our customers with Southern Italian warmth and flexibility!

Innovation – our duty
Working in important and life supporting industries such as Pharma, Hospitals, Oil & Gas and R&D, we at Momoline take innovation very seriously and believe it is our duty to invest endless resources to staying on top our fast-evolving world.

Constantly updating and improving, investing in new machines and technology, it allows Momoline to only offer the latest and most advance technology.



We provide modern solutions for the set-up of mobile laboratories. Mobile laboratories can be designed and engineered onboard every kind of vehicle, according to specific needs.



Founded in 1978, today we are a fast-growing and well-established Company with clients across Europe, Middle East, Africa, and North America. We are pleased to carry references among renowned Companies in the fields of University, Hospitals, R&D, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Oil & Gas.