Fume hoods

Fume Cupboards (or Fume Hoods) are safety devices protecting the health and safety of laboratory operators while handling dangerous substances.

Besides offering a mechanical protection from splashes, blasts or explosions, Fume Cupboards are designed to guarantee an efficient air flow through their frontal opening to keep toxic substances away from the operator, featuring modern alarms and technologies to ensure their continuous safe operation.

Fume Cupboards are manufactured according to the specific needs of the operators, and can be customized in terms of size, materials, installed utilities, safety features.

All fume cupboards from Momoline are certified according to the European Norm EN 14175 and the American Norm ASHRAE-110 and are available in several different models, materials, configurations.


Chemical Fume Cupboard featuring modern design and superior efficiency, designed to ensure full protection of lab operators even in the most challenging applications, certified according


Chemical Fume Cupboard with classic and strong appearances, designed to embody strength, solidity and safety at the same time. With more than 1.000 units produced,


Chemical Fume Cupboard with manual controls, designed for all applications not requiring alarms, electronic control system or real-time control of the working parameters. Despite its