Lab benches

Benches represent the main Furniture items of any Laboratory, offering space to lab users to perform their activities in a safe and efficient manner, day by day becoming part of scientists’ life.

Laboratory benches can be equipped with a wide variety of utilities and ancillary items, so to make every piece of furniture perfect for its intended use. Modularity of the structures, on the other hand, allows an easy change of configuration, so that the lab facilities are always up-to-date with the real needs of their users.

According to specific employment, several materials can be chosen for the worktop of laboratory benches, which can be completed by under-bench and over-head cabinets whenever required.

All laboratory benches from Momoline are certified according to the European Norm EN 13150 and are available in several different models and configurations.

Momowork Plus

Momowork Plus is our signature line of laboratory benches, featuring unmatched performances at the cutting edge of design and technology. Certified according to EN 13150,


Momowork is a complete line of laboratory benches characterized by a light and technologic design, combining simplicity and efficiency into a modern line of laboratory


SkyLab is a complete range of laboratory furniture designed in the pursuit of flexibility, for a modern and technologic laboratory environment. Using SkyLab in all


Mobile laboratories

Laboratory Casework

Stainless steel furniture