Chemical Fume Cupboard featuring modern design and superior efficiency, designed to ensure full protection of lab operators even in the most challenging applications, certified according to EN 14175 and ASHRAE-110. 

AK is characterized by its distinctive lateral windows and by the installation of all utilities under the worktop, allowing full employment of the available work space and optimizing the efficiency of the fume cupboard. 

The main structure of AK is entirely realized using panels from TRESPA TopLab® Plus and TopLab® Vertical, making it extremely solid as well as resistant to chemicals and fire. 

AK is also available in Special Version for Highly Aggressive Acids, with Certification according to EN 14175 Part 7, as its structure can be on request realized in Polypropylene or PVC.


Chemical Fume Cupboard for general use

AK H235

Chemical Fume Cupboard for general use with reduced overall height




Main features:

  • Full range of Automatic Fume Cupboards: all models are certified according to EN 14175, ASHRAE-110 and EN 61010-1;
  • Fully tested and Third-party Certified for its superior containment features, < 0.01 ppm according to EN 14175-3;
  • Functional alarms and safety features, in full compliance to EN and ASHRAE Norms;
  • Base support frame is realized in Epoxy-powder coated steel and is completely independent from the main structure of the Fume Cupboard: AK can be shipped in fully-assembled-configuration, making its installation very easy even for untrained personnel;
  • Main structure of AK is realized using full-thickness, homogenous-core panels from TRESPA TopLab® Plus and TopLab® Vertical (with no use of chipboard), providing strength to the structure of the Fume Cupboard, as well as chemical and fire resistance;
  • Material of the worktop is selectable among a wide variety of options, technical configuration fully customizable according to specific user’s needs;
  • User-friendly Touch-screen panel allows an easy control of all the features of the Fume Cupboard, as well as the management of its alarms;
  • Proprietary Momo Line software for the control of the Fume Cupboard, allowing maximum flexibility;
  • Possibility of interfacing the control software of the Fume Cupboard with building-related systems such as HVAC, BMS (Building Management System), Alarms, Fire Dampers;
  • Available in CAV (Constant Air Volume) or VAV (Variable Air Volume) version, with use of Frequency Inverter or Volumetric Air Damper, fully certified according to Part 6 of EN 14175;
  • Available as an option Exhaust fans, Filter Boxes, Fume Scrubbers, Fume-washing system according to the employed chemicals;
  • AK is available in Special Version for Aggressive Acids, with structure realized in PP (Polypropylene) or PVC and certified according to Part 7 of EN 14175;
  • AK is available in Walk-in, Double-sided and Distillation version, for special needs;




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