Carbochem Recirculatory Fume Cupboard

Recirculatory Chemical Fume Cupboard, for all applications where the installation of an exhaust ductwork is not possible or not required. 

CARBOCHEM is a ‘Ductless’ Fume Cupboard, embedding two layers of active carbon filters to ensure the safe removal of all chemicals from the air, before this is reinjected into the laboratory environment.

A control software ensures the safe management of the fume cupboard, by monitoring the status of filters and by checking in real time the level of contaminants in exhaust air.

The main structure of CARBOCHEM is entirely realized using Epoxy-powder coated steel sheets, making its structure 100% Fire-resistant as well as extremely solid and protective for the personnel in every situation or laboratory environment. 




Main features:

  • Recirculatory Fume Cupboard;
  • Ductless type – no connection to exhaust duct is required as the air is re-introduced in the room after filtration;
  • Double layer of Active Carbon Filters + Pre-filter for dust removal, for extending the life of the filters;
  • Structure is entirely realized in Epoxy-powder coated steel, for superior resistance to mechanical stress, heat, chemical attacks and possible accidents happening inside the working area;
  • Material of the worktop is selectable among a wide variety of options, technical configuration fully customizable according to specific user’s needs;
  • User-friendly Touch-screen panel allows an easy control of all the features of the Fume Cupboard, as well as the management of its alarms;
  • Proprietary Momo Line software for the control of the Fume Cupboard, allowing maximum flexibility;
  • Chemical detection probes, specific for the substances employed in the Fume Cupboard, installed downstream to the filters, to check their effectiveness and to make sure no chemicals are reintroduced in the working environment;
  • Differential pressure probes for monitoring the status of the filters, with alarm indication in case the filter needs to be changed;




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