Momowork is a complete line of laboratory benches characterized by a light and technologic design, combining simplicity and efficiency into a modern line of laboratory furniture, suitable for every application, from Education to Industry. Certified according to EN 13150, Momowork benches are characterized by a “reversed-U” shaped frame, making it extremely resistant and sturdy, so much to have been awarded a third-party Certification for 800 kg weight resistance, four times higher than the minimum requirements and unparalleled on market.


Momowork Wall Bench Structure with Service bracket


Momowork Wall Bench Structure with Service panels


Momowork Central Bench Structure with Service bracket


Momowork Central Bench Structure with Service panels


Momowork Wall Bench Structure with Service panels for Gas-Cromatography applications




Main features:

  • Full range of Laboratory benches, all models are certified according to EN 13150 for 800 kg weight resistance;
  • Epoxy-powder coated steel structure, with “reversed-U” supporting frame;
  • Available in different Standard Depths (600 mm or 750 mm) and Heights (750 mm – for sit position and 900 mm – for standing position);
  • Height-adjustment feature available for use with a wheelchair;
  • Structure is realized using high quality steel profiles with minimum thickness 2 mm, assembled together through steel brackets obtained from 3 mm steel sheets: this grants up to 5 mm thickness of steel in the most stressed points of the structure, making it extremely resistant to both static and dynamic loads;
  • Assembly of the structure is obtained using threaded inserts, pressure-applied to the steel structure and with total absence of self-tapping screws, so to guarantee optimal fastening and possibility of re-assembly the structure without affecting stability and resistance;
  • Further resistance is added by a rear reinforcement rod, sensibly stiffening the structure and providing stability to dynamic forces hitting the bench from the sides;
  • Double Levelling System: threaded feet can be adjusted to make the structure horizontal despite any irregularity from the floor; threaded worktop supports allow an additional adjustment of the working surface on the structure, so to ensure a perfectly flat working surface at all times;
  • Wide variety of materials available for the worktop, based on specific employment of the bench;
  • Basic structure is completed by the addition of a Service Spine, made-up of side Epoxy-powder coated steel pillars and used for internal routing of utilities as well as for the addition of accessories to the bench;
  • Different versions of Service Spine are available for the installation of utilities:
      • Service bracket: horizontal surface located in the rear of the worktop;
      • Service Panels: vertical panels located in the rear of the worktop;
  • Available in Special Version for Gas Chromatography (or Instrumental) application: all utilities are installed on service panels located behind the bench, below the worktop level, for easier connection and access to the rear of analytical instruments;
  • Epoxy-powder coated steel covering panel for covering the routing of bench utilities is installed under the worktop, for easy maintenance;
  • Benches can be completed by a wide portfolio of accessories, including under-worktop and over-head cabinets, shelves, utility points – please refer to the Technical Catalogue for full information.




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