AK for distillation

Chemical Fume Cupboard for distillation applications

  • Outer Dimensions: mm (900-to-2400)x850x2500h;
  • Full-width employment of the working surface, with utilities installed under the worktop;
  • Lower height of the worktop (500 mm, compared to 900 mm in the Standard version), for distillation applications, whenever tall distillation columns or special equipment need to be employed in the Fume Cupboard;
  • Base frame in epoxy-powder coated steel;
  • Main structure realized using full-thickness, homogenous-core panels from TRESPA TopLab® Plus and TopLab® Vertical;
  • No use of chipboard in the main structure to provide superior resistance to Fire;
  • Worktop material and technical configuration fully customizable according to specific needs, with full range of available options;
  • User-friendly touch screen panel for management of features and alarms, running Momo Line proprietary software;
  • Available in CAV and VAV version;
  • Wide range of under-worktop cabinets available, with possibility of common or independent Air extraction;
  • Possible integration with Exhaust fan, Filter Box, Fume Scrubber, Fume-washing systems;
  • Containment < 0.01 ppm, third-party certified;
  • Certified according to EN 14175, ASHRAE-110 and EN 61010-1;




Chemical Fume Cupboard for general use