Momowork Wall Bench Structure with Service panels for Gas-Cromatography applications

  • Dimensions: mm (600-to-1800)x(750/900)x900h
  • Wall type (single-sided);
  • For GC or Instrumental applications: typically installed away from a wall, with some space in the back for easy access to services;
  • Standard available depth: (bench structure 600 or 750 mm) + (service spine 150 mm);
  • Standard available height: 750 mm (sit position) or 900 mm (standing position) – possibility of height adjustment for use with a wheelchair;
  • Complete with Service Spine, made-up of:
      • Side Epoxy-powder coated steel pillars – height according to chosen accessories;
      • Service panels – vertical panels located in the rear of the bench, behind worktop level, for internal routing of services and installation of utilities;
  • Rear service panels allow easy connection of instruments to utilities and easy maintenance to the equipment;
  • Epoxy-powder coated steel structure, with “reversed-U” supporting frame;
  • Assembly of the profiles through steel brackets, stiffening the structure;
  • Double levelling system to ensure the work surface is always flat, through adjustable threaded feet under the structure + adjustable threaded supports under the worktop;
  • Worktop material and technical configuration fully customizable according to specific needs, with full range of available options;
  • Wide range of accessories and under-worktop cabinets available;
  • Certified according to EN 13150 for 800 kg weight resistance;




Momowork Wall Bench Structure with Service bracket


Momowork Central Bench Structure with Service panels