Belair56 Double Side

Double-sided Chemical Fume Cupboard

  • Outer Dimensions: mm (1200-to-2700)x950x2500h;
  • 2 working sides available, with fully independent Sash and common worktop to allow simultaneous employment by 2 operators, on the 2 sides;
  • Usually installed across walls, instead of doors or windows, to allow the safe and efficient passage of samples and materials between the two environments; 
  • Extremely solid and resistant structure, with utilities installed on its side jambs: electric and fluids utilities are installed on opposite jambs, to ensure full insulation and increased safety;
  • Complete with a Cable Grommet on the right jamb, to allow safe connection of instruments to power supply;
  • Structure of the Fume Cupboard is entirely realized in epoxy-powder coated steel;
  • No use of chipboard in the main structure to provide superior resistance to Fire;
  • Worktop material and technical configuration fully customizable according to specific needs, with full range of available options;
  • User-friendly touch screen panel for management of features and alarms, running Momo Line proprietary software;
  • Wide range of under-worktop cabinets available, with possibility of common or independent Air extraction;
  • Possible integration with Exhaust fan, Filter Box, Fume Scrubber, Fume-washing systems;
  • Certified according to EN 14175, ASHRAE-110 and EN 61010-1;



Belair56 H235

Chemical Fume Cupboard for general use with reduced overall height


Mobile laboratories

Laboratory Casework

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