Recirculatory Chemical Fume Cupboard

  • Outer Dimensions: mm (1060-to-1960)x850x2500h;
  • Recirculatory type – no connection to exhaust duct is required;
  • Double layer of active carbon filters + pre-filter for dust removal;
  • Complete with support base from floor, with or without front doors for storage;
  • Extremely solid and resistant structure, with utilities installed on its side jambs: electric and fluids utilities are installed on opposite jambs, to ensure full insulation and increased safety;
  • Structure of the Fume Cupboard is entirely realized in epoxy-powder coated steel;
  • No use of chipboard in the main structure to provide superior resistance to Fire;
  • Worktop material and technical configuration fully customizable according to specific needs, with full range of available options;
  • User-friendly touch screen panel for management of features and alarms, running Momo Line proprietary software;
  • Real-time monitoring of the filters’ condition and analysis of exhaust air through chemical probes, specific for the kind of substances employed;




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