Belair56 Hysto

Stainless steel version of Belair 56 designed for anatomopatholgy sampling and grossing applications

Special version of  Belair 56, specifically designed and embedding all necessary facilities for carrying out Histologic applications in a safe and practical way, also complete with cutting area, a Formaldheyde dispenser and biological waste collection system.




  • Full range of Automatic Fume Cupboards: all models are certified according to EN 14175, ASHRAE-110 and EN 61010-1;
  • Fully tested and Third-party Certified for its superior containment features, < 0.01 ppm according to EN 14175-3;
  • Functional alarms and safety features, in full compliance to EN and ASHRAE Norms;
  • Structure is entirely realized in AISI 304 Stainless Steel sheets so to grant a 100% Fire-resistant structure, easily de-contaminable;
  • Worktop is entirely realized in AISI 316 Stainless Steel and equipped with  4-sides containment edge for liquid’s spillage containment.
  • User-friendly Touch-screen panel allows an easy control of all the features of the Fume Cupboard, as well as the management of its alarms;
  • Proprietary Momo Line software for the control of the Fume Cupboard, allowing maximum flexibility;
  • Possibility of interfacing the control software of the Fume Cupboard with building-related systems such as HVAC, BMS (Building Management System), Alarms, Fire Dampers;
  • Available in CAV (Constant Air Volume) or VAV (Variable Air Volume) version, with use of Frequency Inverter or Volumetric Air Damper, fully certified according to Part 6 of EN 14175;
  • Available as an option Exhaust fans, Filter Boxes, Fume Scrubbers, Fume-washing system according to the employed chemicals;
    1. Formaldheyde Dispensing System, made up of:
      1. Storage tank containing Formaldheyde to be dispensed inside the working chamber. The tank is located under the worktop area, in a dedicated Ventilated Storage Compartment (see Point c.). Formaldheyde Storage tank is equippd with a Level sensor notifying the operator through the User’s Panel of the device when the tank needs refilling.
      2. Peristaltic pump for sucking Formaldheyde from the tank and delivering it into the working chamber. The pump is operated through a dedicated button located into the working area, with IP 65 protection;
      3. Formaldheyde Dispenser, swiveling, located inside the working chamber of the station, in elevated position above the working surface, so to be easily reachable by the operator;
    1. Formaldheyde Disposal System, made up of:
      1. Stainless Steel Dripcup, oval-shaped, installed on the work surface, approximate size: 18x32x14h [cm]. Dripcup is used for the safe disposal of Formaldheyde, and is located under the dispenser so to collect possible leaks / spillages during its use;
      2. Flexible Hose connecting the Dripcup with the Disposal Tank;
      3. Disposal tank for the collection of Formaldheyde wastes from the working chamber. The tank is located under the worktop area, in a dedicated Ventilated Storage Compartment (see Point c.).
  • Ventilated Storage Compartment, located under the worktop area, houses Formaldheyde Storage and Disposal tanks. Storage compartment is connected to the main ventilation system of the Fume Cupboard so to avoid noxious Formaldheyde vapours to be stationed inside. Connection to the ventilation system is achieved through a dedicated exhaust duct installed into the left side jamb of the Fume Cupboard.
  • Stainless Steel Washing Sink, installed on the work surface, approximate size: 35x35x20h [cm], equipped with swiveling hot/cold mixer tap (upon request a special hand-free sensor tap can be provided).By default waste line from the sink is routed into the standard urban-waste network, but routing into the Disposal tank is also available upon request.
  • Working Area, made up of a large hollow “basin-shaped” surface, entirely realized in AISI 316 Stainless Steel, with high volume capacity so to retain large amount of liquids.Dedicated perforated AISI 316 Stainless Steel cover panels are provided over the basin, so to offer a suitable working space to the operators. Panels are easily removable for cleaning all surfaces.
    1. Disposal line for the Working area, with following features:
      1. Waste Disposal (Shredder): Stainless Steel basin is manufactured with a slight slope leading to a drainage, connected to a waste disposal line with a shredder machine, operable by the operator through a pneumatic button installed in the working area;
      2. Double-channel Waste line: waste from the basin can be routed, at operator’s choice, either into the urban-waste network or into the Disposal tank for Formaldheyde;
      3. Control Panel for waste lines: located in the front area of the grossing station, below the worktop level, the panel is made-up of two PVC ball valves with large cross-section, used by the operator to route the wastes either into the urban network or into the disposal tank.