Chemical Fume Cupboard with manual controls, designed for all applications not requiring alarms, electronic control system or real-time control of the working parameters. Despite its manual control system, Ecoair has a very strong structure characterized by two floor-mounted side jambs, where all utilities find optimal space, leaving the under-worktop area free of obstacles for a […]


Chemical Fume Cupboard with classic and strong appearances, designed to embody strength, solidity and safety at the same time. With more than 1.000 units produced, Belair56 is the “Flagship Fume Cupboard” for Momo Line, continuously updated and renovated across the years to always offer a great experience to its users, with great performances of efficiency, […]


Chemical Fume Cupboard featuring modern design and superior efficiency, designed to ensure full protection of lab operators even in the most challenging applications, certified according to EN 14175 and ASHRAE-110.  AK is characterized by its distinctive lateral windows and by the installation of all utilities under the worktop, allowing full employment of the available work […]