SkyLab Trolley Bench for Instrumental Applications

  • Dimensions: mm (600-to-1800)x(600/750)x(750/900 + 1500 h)
  • Standard depth: 750 mm;
  • Standard height: 900 mm;
  • 2 side Utility columns, height 1500 mm;
  • Special version for instrumental applications, equipped with all necessary connections and services for the specific equipment to be installed;
  • Columns can be equipped with Utility Panels, for installation of Services (Electric/Gas) on the trolley bench;
  • Trolley is connected to the building’s services through provided cable with Plug (Electric services) and Quick-connector fittings in the back (Gas services);
  • Plug and Quick-connectors allow an easy connection of the trolley to the utilities, after its movement and positioning in desired location in the lab;
  • Complete with under-bench technical compartment for installation of Vacuum Pump, vibration-insulated and heat-insulated, with cooling fans in the back;
  • Possibility of adding extraction movable arm, with connection of exhaust to the building exhaust network via quick-connection in the back of the bench;
  • Equipped with heavy duty wheels (castors) for easy movement in the lab;
  • Special braking system: front wheel equipped with pedal-operated mechanism, lifting the wheels and releasing a rubber feet – upon activation, the trolley turns into a bench, stable and reliable.
  • Epoxy-powder coated steel structure, with “C” supporting frame;
  • Structure realized with “sheets-coupling technique”, with no use of commercial profiles;
  • Special construction of SkyLab Trolley ensures extreme solidity and possibility of easily moving the bench even in case of heavy and sensitive equipment;
  • Levelling system to ensure the work surface is always flat, through adjustable threaded supports under the worktop;
  • Worktop material and technical configuration fully customizable according to specific needs, with full range of available options;
  • Complete with under-worktop shelf, entirely realized in epoxy-powder coated steel;
  • Available with under-bench cabinet, either fixed to the trolley bench or independent;
  • Certified according to EN 13150 for 800 kg weight resistance;




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