SKY service beam

  • Dimensions: 600×140 mm;
  • Variable Length, according to installation;
  • Fixed at Variable Height, according to installation;
  • Entirely realized in Epoxy-powder coated steel sheets;
  • Possibility of fixing to either to Totem Columns or to the walls of the laboratory, with direct entry of utility lines from building;
  • Sky can be mounted either above benches (for connection of services to equipment) or without benches (allowing users to walk beneath it); 
  • Internal utility channel for the installation, fixing and distribution of service lines and for their connection to delivery points;
  • Internal structure equipped with steel ribs, providing stiffness to the structure and offering support for utility panels;
  • Utility panels realized in Epoxy-powder coated steel and completely modular, for relocation upon need;
  • Wide range of accessories and utilities available, including electric and gas outlets, extraction arms, screens, gas hubs;




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